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σεισμὸς, ὁ (σείω)

Definition: II 8.368a8–10

  • “accompanied by calm” II 8.366a5; 367a25-26;

  • “a necessary consequence of exhalation” II 8.365b24;

  • “and stones” II 8.368b29; II 8.369a8; 

  • “and a tidal wave” II 8.368a32;

  • “and water” II 8.368a25-32;

  • “as wind under earth”  II 9.370a25;

  • “attended by wind” II 8.366a11;

  • “caused by exhalation”  II 9.370a27;

  • “caused by wind” II 8.365b21-366a3; 367b24; 368a28; 368b23;

  • “cause of” II 8.368a20 ;

  • “coinciding with an eclipse of the moon” II 8.367b20-32;

  • “continuing until” II 8.366b31;

  • “horizontal / vertical” II 8.368b23-25;

  • “in spring and autumn” II 8.366b2;

  • “local” II 8.368b12;

  • “occurring at night” II 8.366a14;

  • “occurring at noon” II 8.366a15;

  • “places liable to earthquakes” II 8.366a30-b1;

  • “preceded by noise” II 8.368a15;

  • “sign of” II 8.367b8 ;

  • “sort of tremor” II 8.366b15;

  • “source inside the earth” II 8.368b18;

  • “violent” II 8.366a12, II 8.366a24, II 8.366a25, II 8.367a29, II 8.367b32, II 8.368a1;


  • of mouth II 8.367b1;

  • of wind and air II 8.367b13-19;

  • Water in vessel II 8.368a6;

  • between throbbing and earthquake II 8.368a6-13;

  • Earthquake and tremor / throbbing II 8.368b22-25;

  • [authors]

    • Anaxagoras on II 7.365a19-35, II 7.365b11-20;

    • Anaximenes on II 7.365b7-10;

    • Democritus on II 7.365a35-365b5.

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