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Giouli Korobili

From November 2020 to February 2023, Giouli Korobili had been working on a  project entitled GEOANATOMY. The Body as a Model in Greco-Roman Conceptions of the Earth and the Environment. This project examines the ancient Greek and Roman application of medical analogies in which the body (and its functions) serves as the model for explaining the physical environment, meteorological and geological phenomena.

Prof. Dr. Teun Tieleman (Philosophy, U Utrecht) mentored the project.

Susanne M. Hoffmann 

Susanne M Hoffmann, being based at the University of Jena (Germany), has been working on a project on Stellar Transients, i.e. phenomena not reported within the Aristotelian dogma of an eternally unchangable starry sky. The research area is traditionally entitled Applied Historical Astronomy.  

Prof. Birgitta König-Ries (MSCJ for Data-Driven and Simulation Science) hosted the project. 

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