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Meteorology Beyond Borders:  
Ancient and Modern Reflections

organized by Giouli Korobili and Teun Tieleman

On July 6-8, 2022 the international conference Meteorology Beyond Borders: Ancient and Modern Reflections, organised by Dr. Giouli Korobili (UU) and Professor Dr. Teun Tieleman (UU), took place both in person, at Utrecht University (Sweelinckzaal), and online. This conference and its outcomes form part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project “GEOANATOMY. The Body as a Model in Greco-Roman Conceptions of the Earth and the Environment” (grant agreement no. 897785), directed by Giouli Korobili. 


Scholars from all around the world were excited to be part of this event, which introduced a novel yet must-anticipated approach exploring the diverse manners in which ancient Greek and Roman authors understood and explained the weather and particular natural phenomena by attempting to bridge their views with explanations provided in modern meteorological (and other, e.g. seismological, hydrological, geological etc.) accounts. For this reason two experts in modern science, Dr. Dr. Susanne M. Hoffmann (Astronomer, Jena) and Garry Toth (M.Sc., Operational Meteorologist) gave presentations in the form of commentaries on each one of the individual papers presented.

Below you can find the programme of the conference as well as the recordings of the speakers' presentations.

Keynote: Liba Taub

And now for the weather...


Cloud with Silver Lining
Earth View at Night

Session II.2 (cont.)


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