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Volcanos in Antiquity

The most famous eruption in antiquity is probably the one that erased the ancient city of Pompeii in 79 CE. The volcano in charge for this catastrophe, Vesuv, is still very active. However, nowadays, the greatest danger is not the volcano mountain but the Phlegraean Fields on the opposite side of the bay: they are considered to erupt as "super-volcano" and currently show much activity. 

Much less documented in historical chronicles and, thus, subject of speculations are eruptions of volcanos in the Aegean Sea: One of the big questions concerns the true base for the myth of Atlantis, another one the effects of the eruption that left behind the island of Santorini. Geological proofs show volcanic ashes of this "Minouic Eruption" in areas of Asia Minor and the north African coast. Still, the observed effects on ancient culture are unknown. 

animated slides from public talk (SMH April 21 2022).
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