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Stars Above Horizon.


The cellphone app is downloadable from AppStore and GooglePlay for Android and iOS, respectively. 

Your task as user: 

  • open the app
    [automatically, it loads some data from local weather stations]

  • open the star chart

  • type on the stars that you can see 

  • if you see a star coloured (reddish, yellowish, bluish) type longer
    a menu will open and you can report the colour, too

  • once you are done: SAFE the data
    (it will be uploaded to a server at the University of Jena, Germany)


Students' projects

At Friedrich Schiller University, the cellphone app for monitoring atmospherical conditions by the observations of stars was developed. The development started with a prototyp for feasibility tests in 2018/9 by a student of physics. It was developed further by two software development projects by (in total) five students of computer science.  

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