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cave, σπήλαιον and cavern, κοιλότης

cave/ cavern

Aristotle METE



Lucretius DRN


Seneca NQ



• and breath [spiritus-us] VI 25.3.1
• and rivers [flumen-inis] III 26.3.1
• as protection VI 1.6.9
• circular I 14.1.6
• deadly III 21.1.1
• [dox.] Oenopides Chius IVa 2.26.2, Strato VI 13.3.3
• emitting wind V 14.1.1
• underground III 16.4.3, V 14.1.1, V 15.3.4
• warm IVa 2.27.3

References for Greek and Latin

The Onondaga Cave (USA) has some huge caverns.
Modern Description

written by Susanne M Hoffmann

The Latin term "specus" is not found in Lucretius. For Seneca, it is used for both, cave σπήλαιον and cavern κοιλότης, and it has no match in Aristotle. However, etymologically, it derives from the Greek term σπέος which is not attested in Aristotle.

Further Remarks

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