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σπήλαιον, caverna-ae, specus-us, spelunca-ae


Aristotle METE


• defining bending IV 9.386a2
• of earth II 1.354a12

Lucretius DRN

caverna, -ae

Seneca NQ

caverna, -ae

• of basalt VI 683
• of sky [caelum-i] VI 252
• underground VI 597;

• dwelling place V 14.4.1
• cold in VI 13.4.2
• and wind VI 14.4.7
• and falling rock VI 22.2.5
• and breath [spiritus-us] VI 24.4.1

References for Greek and Latin

The Onondaga Cave (USA) has some huge caverns.
Modern Description

written by Susanne M Hoffmann

A cavern is a huge and underground cave.

Caves are hollow spaces in rocks of any type: they could be open and close to the surface or deep in the earth. Caverns are underground.

The image depicts one of the caverns in the state of Missouri, the Onondaga Cave (USA).

Further Remarks

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