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ἐκπίπτοντες (ἐκπέσοντες) ἀστέρες

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stars that fall from heaven (meteor)

Aristotle METE

ἐκπίπτοντες (ἐκπέσοντες) ἀστέρες

Lucretius DRN

Seneca NQ

References for Greek and Latin

meteors have many nicknames (shooting stars, falling stars, tears of heaven or of the divine...)
Modern Description

written by Susanne M Hoffmann

Meteors appear differently: there are rather bright ones (fireballs) that looks like flying objects with varying colours and possibly even smoky outlets distributed by the wind, but there are also tiny meteors that can appear like silently droping from the heavenly background. These tiny meteors are faint and the human eye cannot distinguish colours. They are not even seen to burst at the end of the appearance. Therefore, they may leave the impression of heavenly tear drops or of tiny stars falling down.

Further Remarks

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